Restoration of the South breakwater of Ventspils Freeport

Customer: Freeport of Ventspils authority

Start date: March 2018
Finish date: October 2018

     The main purpose of the project is to provide safe navigational conditions for port’s inbounding ships and to protect the port from waves, glaciers and sand drifts.

     Within the framework of the project, JSC “BMGS” is not only the main contractor, but also the manufacturer of the tetrapods and concrete massives - required in restoration process tetrahedral and cubic reinforced concrete structures. In order to restore cross-section of the breakwater, through the whole length of it, local stacks of tetrapod structures have been made. Therefore, after the reconstruction, the level of port’s security and mobility will be significantly enhanced. For the needs of the object, JSC “BMGS” Ventspils manufacturing department manufactured 1349 tetrapod structures, with mass 5 tons each, 19 retaining tetrapod structures, with mass 13 tons each and 204 concrete massive structures with mass 45 tons each. Total volume of manufactured concrete structures reaches to 6746 m3. Within the territory improvement of the breakwater, it is planned to restore concrete retaining walls, build up driveway roads, restore power supply and lighting networks, reconstruct the concrete road at the head of the breakwater.

     South Breakwater is one of the most important and strategically significant hydrotechnical structure of the whole Ventspils port, playing a massive role in port’s infrastructure. Stretching from the land far away into sea, the South breakwater protects the port from the waves, ice and drifts. And not to mention what a prominent walking trail it is both for the tourists and local residents.

    Its present appearance, the breakwater has preserved since its construction time - more than a hundred years ago. Similar scale restoration, the breakwater hasn’t experienced in 60 years, even though, the previous restoration works were carried out in 1990’s.