We have acquired a considerable experience in concrete manufacturing for the specific needs of industrial, railway and port projects. Our company manufactures high quality concrete for all kind of different building structures. Furthermore, we offer to develop a concrete composition for an individual order. Prefabricated reinforced concrete structures are made in advance on the production lines of the plant, therefore on construction sites only assembling of prefabricated elements is made. Not only we provide installation of manufactured production, but also, we offer project management, ensuring that our clients receive full-service.
Edvards Dmitrijevs
Head of Riga precast concrete factory
P:    +371 67 272717
M:   +371 29 774785

Production of Concrete

Manufacture of ready-mixed concrete is carried out on 3 concrete plants of  JSC BMGS (2 in Riga and 1 in Ventspils), which is certified according to standards LVS EN 156 and LVS EN 206. According to these certificates, the right to produce concrete of concrete grades from C 8/10 to C 65/75, frost resistance up to class  HF4, water resistance up to W12 was validated.



Facts about Production

2 concrete plants in Latvia
Output capacity of each is 60 m3/hour
Manufacture takes place all the year round 

Engineering Data

Strength grade from С 8/10 to С 65/75
Frost resistance up to class ХF4
Water resistance up to class W12


Testing of the samples in own laboratory
Development of concrete under the specific requirements of specified  projects and conditions

Factories map

Machinery and equipment

Concrete pumps

Name Capacity Pumping distance: in vertical direction horizontal direction


based on MAN 33.410
150 m3 / hour 36 m 32 m

Concrete mixer lorries

Name Volume Number of items

Man TGA 26.350

7 m3 3 items

Man TGA 35.390

9 m3 1 item

Production of reinforced concrete structures

Prefabricated reinforced concrete structures are produced on the production lines of the plant, and then the prefabricated elements are assembled on the construction sites under the general guidance of the JSC BMGS project managers.

Thus, JSC BMGS provides high rates of construction work, as well as saves money and manpower.

Production line

Wall elements

Matrix blocs

Level crossing slabs

Overhead transmission line foundations

Tetrapod structures

Bored piles

Prismatic piles

Wall panels, sandwich type wall panels

Staircases and balcony slabs

Panels and slabs

Weight platforms

Concrete paving plates

Track cover slabs

Filigree slabs

Specific products