Reconstruction of bridge over the River Platene (highway A10 Riga-Ventspils, 179,67 km)

Customer: Latvijas Valsts ceļi

Start date: April 2017
Finish date: July 2017

     Bridge over the River Platene at the 179.67 km Riga – Ventspils highway was built in the 1950s and since then hadn’t seen even the slightest repair works. During the reconstruction of morally and technically obsolete bridge there had been made a demolition of current reinforced concrete structures - 10.5 m long span, piles and grids. After dismantling works waterflow of River Platene was diverted by two temporary culverts with a diameter of 1020 mm and total length of 13 m. To ensure dry pit and design of culvert’s basement, a temporary sheet pile was made. Brand new culvert, that was assembled from separate segments, comes with a diameter of 3760 mm and total length of 24 m. After assembling works 5 m high mound was created and asphalt laid on the access roads and over the culverts. To ensure the traffic over the River Platene, within the framework of the project, elaborate scheme of a traffic flow was being designed, whereby reverse traffic lane was opened.