Construction of the second track in the section Skriveri - Kruspils

Customer: Latvijas dzelzceļš

Start date: September 2011
Finish date: December 2014

BMGS Joint Stock Company as Partner of Skonto būve, BMGS, ACB and Binders Full Partnership performed design and construction of second tracks in Skriveri-Krustpils section for Latvian Railways.

Within the framework of the Project the following works were performed:

  • geological survey;
  • design supervision;
  • shifting and protection of existing utility networks;
  • construction of drainage and railway subgrade;
  • reconstruction of 26 culverts and 10 small bridges;
  • construction of new bridge across Perse river with central span of 23,6 m
  • reconstruction of existing bridge across Aiviekste river with central width of 44 m;
  • construction of new bridge across Aiviekste river with span scheme of 33,6 m+ 44 m+ 33,6 m;
  • laying of railway tracks at stations and in open lines;
  • reconstruction of platforms with height of 550 mm at Aizkraukle, Koknese, Plavinas, Krustpils stations and Muldakmens, Alotene, Ozolsala stops with total length of 2943 m;
  • reconstruction of existing railway tracks and replacement of turnouts at Skriveri, Aizkraukle, Koknese, Plavinas, Krustpils stations;
  • construction of railway tracks in Skriveri-Krustpils section with total length of 62 km.

Project is financed by the EU Cohesion Fund and from the resources of the SJSC “Latvian Railway”.

After completion of the project train traffic safety will increase, and the risk of accidents and pollution of environment will decrease. In total, construction of the second railway track will enlarge the throughput capacity of the whole East-West railway corridor. It will favour the railway competitiveness in the field of carriages and development of transit in Latvia.

On 4 February, 2015 State JSC Latvijas dzelzceļš opened the second rail track in section Skriveri-Krustpils within the largest project to date, which will enable a considerable increase in throughput capacity, traffic speed and safety in the direction from Krustpils to Riga.