Construction of pedestrian tunnel in Ogre

Customer: Latvijas dzelzceļš

Start date: May 2019
Finish date: current project

     In May 2019 General partnership “BMGS-Viadukts” commenced construction works of a pedestrian tunnel in Ogre under intense railway node.  The tunnel will connect Skolas St.  and Мalkalnes Avenue and its main purpose is to provide safe mobility of residents and visitors, over the deadly railways. Significantly that until now railroads were crossed by a lot of children as well, it is due to the fact that in a close proximity a stadium is located.

     At the time of the construction a temporary crossing, equipped with security barriers and warning signs will be created. On both sides of the railway informative signs on traffic organization changes will be deployed as well. In order to provide convenient and secure railroad crossing for persons with reduced mobility and families with small kinds in strollers, both entrances will be equipped with elevators. Construction works are divided into 2 stages- within the first one, construction works will be held from the side of  Мalkalnes Avenue; within the second one - from the side of Skolas St. During the construction of the tunnel it is planned to use such materials as monolith concrete, artificial stone plates and massive granite. Elevators will be made out of transparent glass and doors equipped with automated opening and closing system. The project is scheduled for completion at the end of year 2020.