Multi-storey residential complex Kv. Leopold (Lilium), Uppsala

Customer: Serneke Bygg Öst AB

Start date: July 2017
Finish date: current project

     Multi-storey residential complex Kv. Leopold (Lilium) is located in Uppsala, Gamla district and consists of three groups of buildings with a height of 3 and 6 floors. Furthermore, under one of the groups an underground floor takes place. An underground floor will provide additional parking places for 66 cars and 419 bicycles. Total area of a living space is 27 850 m2. Constructions consist of 3-layer “sand-wich” panels, reinforced concrete wall panels, hollow – core slabs, balcony slabs and reinforced concrete staircases. Simultaneously to assembly of precast structures, an installation of bathroom modules with a finished interior decoration and engineering networks is being performed.