Instalation of railway catenary network, Skrīveri–Muldakmens

Customer: Latvijas dzelzceļš

Start date: July 2013
Finish date: December 2014

In July 2013 an agreement for the construction of a new 5,6 km long electrified section from Skriveri station to the stopping point Muldakmens (direction Riga-Krustpils) followed by the insertion into the existing contact network was signed.

The construction process consisted of:

  • Installation of standard three-beam foundations;
  • Installation of catenary pillars;
  • Installation of catenary suspension;
  • Contact network;
  • Installation of the feeder.

For the installation of standard three-beam foundations for the first time in Latvia the pre-drilling technology followed by vibroimmersion of reinforced concrete foundation to the necessary mark was used, thus significantly reducing the time and cost of the process.

BMGS was the first company in Latvia who got the certificate for production and produced standard three-beam foundations on its own manufacture.

The metal catenary pillars were produced in Latvia at JAUDA factory.

During the realization of the project BMGS together with SIEMENS AG have redesigned the catenary suspension, thus setting new standards in contact network installation. For the first time in Latvia lightweight aluminum suspension was applied.