Extension of Ventspils Free Port (Venta River Project)

Customer: VENCEB

Start date: February 1997
Finish date: June 2002

Wharf Reconstruction in Ventspils Free Port and Dredging of Venta River Channel According to Construction Design of LENMORNIIPROEKT Institute

Within the framework of Extension of Ventspils Free Port Project (Venta River Project) the following works were performed:

- Reconstruction of wharf Nr.1 - total length 204 m;

- Reconstruction of wharf Nr.2, wharf Nr.3 - total length 368 m;

- Reconstruction of wharf Nr.5 - total length 274 m;

- Construction of wharf №16-А, wharf 16-В – total length 429 m;

- Reconstruction of wharf Nr.17 - total length 123 m;

- Reconstruction of wharf Nr.26 - total length 55 m;

- Construction of culvert under Venta river bed for engineering networks - 300 m;

- Dredging of Venta river channel and inner basin - 1350000 m³.