II and III phase of quays №67 and №68 reconstruction in Klaipeda State seaport

Customer: Klaipeda State Seaport Authority

Start date: August 2016
Finish date: current project

     Within the framework of the project, the reconstruction of quays No. 67 (II stage) and No.68 (III stage) is being undertaken. Total length of quays is 233,42 and 122,47 m respectively; project depth: – 14.50 m. The quays are intended for mooring and reloading of stividor UAB BEGA vessels with loose cargo. During the reconstruction following works are performed - installation of the sheet pile wall, drilled reinforced concrete piles and injection tie anchors; assembly of façade reinforced concrete slabs; concreting of the upper part of quays, construction of the road beneath the portal crane and railway infrastructure, installation of storm drainage systems; construction of coatings and installation of mooring equipment.